Authorised VTP (Vocational Training Provider) Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India
Authorised Training Provider for NSDC Star Scheme (Select Courses)
Advance Level                                                                                           
Effective Communication

Learning to converse on wide range of topics including professional experiences, current events etc., Learning to express one’s views using emphatic language.

Functional Vocabulary

Learning situation-specific words, phrasal verbs, idioms, proverbs etc. to make one’s conversation effective.

Power Writing

Enhancing the flair by learning how to write letters, applications, compositions, graph explanation, resumes, summaries, paraphrasing.

Reading Skills

Gaining insight into autobiographies, speeches, articles and newspapers, critical reviews to enhance reading comprehensions.

Mock Interview Sessions

Understanding different types of interviews, preparing for the interview, polishing body language and dressing sense, giving smart answers to frequently asked questions, handling tricky situations, executing general etiquettes and practising it all through “mock interview sessions".

Presentation Skills

Understanding demographics, structuring presentations, using space, removing stage fright, imbibing qualities of a good orator.

Skills for Group Discussion and Debate

Following guidelines, attracting attention, Taking turns, Interrupting, Opening and closing smartly, Putting forth ideas in a convincing manner.

Work Shops on Personality Development

Useful tips for personality development, Learning the art of time management, Building a positive self image, Developing right attitude in life, Magic of self motivation, Combating stress through stress management, Tips for confidence development.

Video Shoots

Learning how to overcome stage fright, correct body language, facial expressions by giving presentation before camera.

Enhancing Abstract Thinking

Developing skills to think logically, helping you take good decisions in life. Developing Connectivity, Comparison skills, with the help of life stories, proverbs, idioms, axioms, maxims etc.


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